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Step-by-step Guide to Digital Illustration

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Over the years individuals have contacted me seeking information about how I create my drawings in Adobe Illustrator. I finally decided to write a guide describing the steps I take to "ink" a drawing. I found it to be more of a challenge than I imagined and I ended up narrowing my project down to a basic ceramic drawing. To reach a wide audience, I have written the guide at a level of detail that a novice user of Illustrator would be able to follow while an advanced user of Illustrator could simply use the section headings as a guide. The book is illustrated with screenshots for each step.

book screenshoti.


book cover Digital Archaeological Illustration for Ceramics is available as an ebook on The instructions in the book reflect the methods I have developed for creating a drawing of a ceramic vessel in Illustrator. This is not the one and only way to achieve such a drawing and I look forward to feedback from other artists to learn their techniques. Any updates to the book that result from such feedback will be free to those who have purchased the guide.