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Valerie Woelfel - About the Illustrator

val at eschmounMy combined interest and training in art and archaeology led me to a career as an archaeological illustrator.. My background working as an archaeologist in the field and lab gives me the unique perspective of being both the creator and end user of archaeological illustrations. I began my work in traditional media like pen and ink but I now do most drawings in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


University of West Florida, Graduate Certificate in GIS with an Archaeology Track

Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN - BA in Studio Art

University of Minnesota - Graduate work in Ancient Studies

University of London - Classes in Archaeological Illustration

Illustration Work

In addition to the fieldwork listed below, I have a studio in St Paul, Minnesota. My jobs may consist of a single map, a hundred lithics or a dozen images from Classical Greece. My clients including scholars from various museums and universities, as well as other authors and educators. I have also illustratored a children's book, Daily Life in Bible Times: What Archaeology Tells Us. A number of the images on this website come from work done for the Center for Hellenic Studies at Harvard University. These images make use of drawings from photographs, a process which can be done completely through the internet. This permits me to work with my clients no matter where in the world I am when that publishing deadline or conference PowerPoint is suddenly due.


Fieldwork Experience

Mendes. Egypt. 2013

Drew artifact illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. Taught drawing class to students.

Idalion. Cyprus. 1998-2014

Illustrator and excavator. Extensive involvement in publication, created drawings and layout for books and articles. Excavated on site. Trained and supervised students and volunteers. Reconstructed pottery. Taught archaeological illustration to students.

Chersonesos. Ukraine. 2004, 2006, 2007

Illustrator. Created artifact drawings using pen and ink as well as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for publication in print and online.

Metaponto. Italy. 2004

Created illustrations of ceramics in Illustrator for print and online publication.

Cuma. Italy. 1999-2001.

Created finds illustrations, maps, plans and reconstructions. Worked in the lab on finds processing and protocol development. Excavated on site. Trained volunteers.

Cadir Huyuk. Turkey. 2000

Created finds illustrations. Excavated on site. Trained students and supervised local workmen. Reconstructed pottery.

Rhantidhi. Cyprus. 1997, 1998

Created finds illustrations. excavated on site. Supervised and trained students and volunteers. Taught archaeological illustration classes.

Sarakeno. Greece. 1996

Illustrator. Created finds drawings, also recorded deep sounding for geologists. Excavated on site.

Pompeii. Italy. 1992-1996.

Created illustrations of wall paintings, Recorded damaged and fading paintings in pen and ink and watercolor.

Theologos. Greece. 1991-1993.

Illustrator and excavator. Drew finds illustrations. Recorded Bzantine mosaic in watercolor. Excavated on site. Supervised and trained students. Taught archaeological illustration classes.

Kelheim. Germany. 1987, 1990, 1991.

Illustrated artifacts, maps and plans. Excavated on site.

Aulnat. France. 1988, 1989

Finds illustration. Reconstructed pottery. Excavated on site.

Sussex. England. 1986-1988.

Excavated on a number of rescue sites.