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Valerie Woelfel - About the Illustrator

val at eschmounValuable combination of training, experience and strong sense of personal integrity. Awarded Master's Certificate in Geographic Information Science in Archaeology. Over 30 years' of involvement in the field of archaeology with an emphasis on visualizing archaeological data through illustrations and maps. Extensive experience in the field and in the lab.


University of West Florida, Master's Certificate in GIS for Archaeology

Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN - BA in Studio Art

University of Minnesota - Graduate work in Ancient Studies

University of London - Classes in Archaeological Illustration

Core Competencies

Spatial data creation, manipulation, and analysis - Archival research - Cartographic design - Artifact illustration - Knowledge of archaeological method and theory - Experience in archaeological excavation, survey, and artifact analysis - Use of relational databases - Verbal and written communication - Team management - Problem solving - Critical and analytical thinking - Analysis and research

Technical Skills

ESRI ArcMap and ArcPro


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and DreamWeaver

Microsoft Word, Excell, PowerPoint, Access

Education includes courses in Python scripting, cartography, and remote sensing


Freelance archaeological illustrator. 1996-current

Create drawings for clients ranging from independent scholars to organizations such as Getty Publications, Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies, and the British Mueum.

Co-director of theIdalion Expedition in Cyprus. 2013-current

Supervided excavation, dig logistics, and student training. Designed and supervise a project to digitze 30 years' worth of archaeological data for online publication. Create artifact drawings.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resource. St. Paul, MN 2016-2018

GIS Research Analyst. Created maps and graphics from complex, scientific data for publication and relase to the public. Conducted hitoric research and created field maps in support of fieldwork.

Idalion. Cyprus. 1998-2020

Illustrator, GIS specialist. Co-director since 2015. Collected GPS data in the field. Designed and created geodatabase and began digitizing backlog of legecy data. Excavated on site. Trained and supervised students and volunteers. Reconstructed pottery. Taught archaeological illustration to students.

Mendes. Egypt. 2013

Cretaed artifact digital artiface illustrations using Adobe Illustrator.

Chersonesos. Ukraine. 2004, 2006, 2007

Illustrator. Created artifact drawings using pen and ink as well as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for publication in print and online.

Metaponto. Italy. 2004

Created illustrations of ceramics in Illustrator for print and online publication.

Cuma. Italy. 1999-2001.

Created finds illustrations, maps, plans and reconstructions. Worked in the lab on finds processing and protocol development. Excavated on site. Trained volunteers.

Cadir Huyuk. Turkey. 2000

Created finds illustrations. Excavated on site. Trained students and supervised local workmen. Reconstructed pottery.

Rhantidhi. Cyprus. 1997, 1998

Created finds illustrations. excavated on site. Supervised and trained students and volunteers. Taught archaeological illustration classes.

Sarakeno. Greece. 1996

Illustrator. Created finds drawings, also recorded deep sounding for geologists. Excavated on site.

Pompeii. Italy. 1992-1996.

Created illustrations of wall paintings, Recorded damaged and fading paintings in pen and ink and watercolor.

Theologos. Greece. 1991-1993.

Illustrator and excavator. Drew finds illustrations. Recorded Bzantine mosaic in watercolor. Excavated on site. Supervised and trained students. Taught archaeological illustration classes.

Kelheim. Germany. 1987, 1990, 1991.

Illustrated artifacts, maps and plans. Excavated on site.

Aulnat. France. 1988, 1989

Finds illustration. Reconstructed pottery. Excavated on site.

Sussex. England. 1986-1988.

Excavated on a number of rescue sites.